Be honest with yourself...

  • When you leave the office on Friday afternoon: Are you already looking forward to monday morning?

  • Aren't you asking yourself "Why Do I even work here? Couldn't I do something more meaningful with my life?"

  • Do you snooze your alarm clock in the morning because you don't want to go to work?

  • Wouldn't you prefer to do something with your life that doesn't even feel like work because you just know and feel that you are in the right place?

With this coaching module you will

  • learn about what purpose is and how you find and fulfill it

  • discover your true potential and utilize it to develop yourself and do what you are here for

  • finally develop your own dream job and fill your life with more meaning and joy

  • create value for yourself and others by being who you truly are!

What you get

some key steps of your coaching

  • reDiscover Your Passion

    Reconnect to your genuine life force, your unlimited energy, your passion. Enjoy the bliss, the flow, being in your element again!

  • Unterstand Your Talents

    Understand what your talents and skills are and develop hidden or uncovered talents. Maybe you are good at things you never tried? Trust yourself. You are more than you think!

  • Find Your BIG WHY

    Find your BIG WHY to understand what you are fighting for, maybe without knowing it, and how to create sustainable motivation, enabling you to be a high performer for the change you want to see in the world.

  • New Ideas

    Learn how to broaden your horizon, see things from a different angle and be more creative to walk new paths you haven't seen before.

  • Do what you love

    Although following your purpose is way more than just "doing what you love" this of course is a very important part of it. Learn how to combine the things you love with those you are good at and those which make a difference in the world and are meaningful to you.

Your Lead Coach

supported by a team committed to help you develop and grow

Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher

Manuel Shipwood

Manuel Shipwood is an internationally known Coach, Author, Speaker and Teacher. He is the founder of The WING Group, offering coaching, consulting and education solutions in the whole world. Core activities are coaching and consulting in the field of Conscious Business and Conscious Leadership. Here at nooYou!, Manuel and his colleagues offer you a great chance to learn from the best, when it comes to personal development, raising consciousness and developing human potential, combining spiritual wisdom and business experience. His years of experience as a serial entrepreneur in the coaching, consulting and marketing industry enable you to accelerate your process of becoming aware and building the life and business you are dreaming of.

How we work together

  • Learn and grow how you like it

    We enable you to find your true purpose in life with an interactive coaching module. You can access your material whenever and wherever you like. Also the live coaching sessions are recorded in case you miss one.

  • Hands-on!

    In this coaching module you will ACTIVELY WORK on finding your purpose. The right exercises will guide you safely on your journey towards your more meaningful and fulfilled life.

  • BONUS: Live Coaching Session

    Additionally to your personal coaching session you have the chance to attend a regular Live Q&A Session to support you on your journey

It worked for them..

..and it will work for YOU!

I have made some radical changes in my business

Cherryl Duncan

The experience coaching with Manuel was both supportive and challenging. His willingness to show me my blindspots in a compassionate and yet persistent way proved really effective and I have made some radical changes for the better in my business.

This changed my life in so many ways...

Kate Gradl

From the beginning on, Manuel showed me things, that I haven't seen before. He asked me the right questions. These questions and the exercises ... brought me on my way. This changed my life in so many ways... I learned a lot about myself and how to follow my path without being held back by my fears. Manuel is a very heartfelt, open minded, patient man. I always felt like talking to a friend who speaks from the heart, stands by my side and supports me to make my dreams come true.

Find Your Purpose

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You know you are meant for more!

Today is the day. Now is the moment to make the first step into your new life. Discover your true purpose and live the life that is really meant for you!