What you get

some key steps of your coaching

  • Streamline your product

    Become crisp clear of what you actually offer. Make your vague vision an enticing product or service

  • Know your clients

    Learn how to target the right people, where to find them and how to market and sell your product or service

  • Business Model

    Don't just "do what you love" but check your idea to make it a profitable business model!

  • Do the mental work!

    Most entrepreneurs are failing because they are afraid of failure or having other limiting beliefs and blocks. Get professional mindset coaching to uncover what is holding you back.

  • FREE Marketing Check included

    Send in your marketing material material and receive priceless feedback from experienced advertising and marketing professionals.

Your Coach

Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher

Manuel Shipwood

Manuel Shipwood is an internationally known Coach, Author, Speaker and Teacher. He is the founder of The WING Group, offering coaching, consulting and education solutions in the whole world. Core activities are coaching and consulting in the field of Conscious Business and Conscious Leadership. Here at nooYou!, Manuel and his colleagues offer you a great chance to learn from the best, when it comes to personal development, raising consciousness and developing human potential, combining spiritual wisdom and business experience. His years of experience as a serial entrepreneur in the coaching, consulting and marketing industry enable you to accelerate your process of becoming aware and building the life and business you are dreaming of.

How we work together

  • LIVE Coaching Session

    You attend 10 weekly intensive LIVE Coaching Sessions with your experienced Business Coach!

  • Recordings

    All 10 Live Coaching Sessions are recorded and can be watched wherever you are, how often you like. You receive additional written material and interactive coaching modules to work on between the coaching calls.

  • Hands on: Exercises

    If you thought this is just another info product: Forget it! In this bootcamp you WILL CREATE your own business!

Become a Conscious Entrepreneur today!

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Bonus material

There is so much more for you

  • BONUS Coaching on "MONEY"

    Most entrepreneurs have very unhealthy beliefs about money, which result in unconscious self-sabotage. Learn how to let go of these blocks and establish an abundance mindset.

  • BONUS Coaching on "NETWORKING"

    Receive high value coaching on how to be moste effective with your networking. How to use LinkedIn the right way? How to approach people on networking events? Learn from THE leaders of the industry like TR Garland and others.

  • FREE 1-on-1 Coaching

    Get a FREE 1-on-1 Personal Coaching session with Manuel Shipwood to work specifically on your individual needs!


What my clients say

I have made some radical changes in my business

Cherryl Duncan

The experience coaching with Manuel was both supportive and challenging. His willingness to show me my blindspots in a compassionate and yet persistent way proved really effective and I have made some radical changes for the better in my business.

This changed my life in so many ways...


From the beginning on, Manuel showed me things, that I haven't seen before.He asked me the right questions. These questions and the exercises ... brought me on my way. This changed my life in so many ways... I learned a lot about myself and how to follow my path without being held back by my fears. Manuel is a very heartfelt, open minded, patient man. I always felt like talking to a friend who speaks from the heart, stands by my side and supports me to make my dreams come true.

I always felt comfortable and in good hands during the whole coaching process


Manuel Shipwood keeps as a coach exactly what you expect. He supports you with competence, a lot of patience and always humorous and friendly on the search for your own goal (or more goals) and finds always the right questions to give you a leg up. (Just in case you get stuck) I always felt comfortable and in good hands during the whole coaching process. Therefore I can recommend Manuel most warmly, if you need help on your search for new options in your life.

Follow your purpose

You know what you are meant for. Make your dream come true. Every journey begins with the first step. Your first step is THIS: