Heart2Heart™ 1-zu-1 Personal Coaching (de)

Heart2Heart™ 1-zu-1 Personal Coaching (de)

How Having Authentic Relationships Changes Everything | Your Coach: Manuel Shipwood
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Manuel Shipwood
Manuel Shipwood
Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher

About the Coach

Manuel Shipwood is an international Coach, Author, Speaker & Spiritual Mental Health Teacher.

All his work is dedicated to authenticity and deep connections, to yourself, between you and others, in your loving relationships, private relationships, business relationships.
This also means doing what you love, loving what you do. "Be fully yourself and change the world by whom you are!" This is why he created "The PURPOSE System™" and the "Heart 2 Heart-Program™".

He is a dedicated part of the Human Potential Movement and uses a holistic approach to address mental challenges, enabling people to achieve extraordinary results with the right mindset.

Purpose driven Entrepreneurs also benefit of his 10 year experience in corporate communications and marketing.

skype: "Manuel-TheWING"
email: manuel@shipwood.one
mobile: +49-177-8213-745